Steam Cleaning Wine Barrels

Oak barrels are one of the biggest investments a winery will make, the use of proper equipment will effectively treat and take care of the barrels thus increasing the longevity of the Oak and saving you a lot of money. Our machines are powered by steam, effectively reducing your water usage by 90% and save your costs related to water usage and cleaning agents. The whole process is done without a single chemical, meaning no waste water to treat and eliminate the need of hazardous cleaning chemicals.

The elevated temperature of the steam, that we use, allows for a much faster cleaning process of the barrels, melting the tartrates in a fraction of the time than it takes with hot water, all while resulting in massive savings in water consumption.

The vapour property of dry steam allows for the pores of the wood to be opened, releasing not only tartrates but also old wine and bitter tannins that have been absorbed inside the wood. The whole process revitalizes the wood barrels while being safe on the char of the oak. The added benefits beyond cleaning are the powerful ability to rehydrate the oak barrels during storage and also the cleaning process creates a natural vacuum on the barrel, after inserting a bung into the hole you will be able to quickly test the barrel for leaks.

Below is a summary of some of the advantages of cleaning barrels using steam.

  • Add longevity to your oak barrels
  • Rehydrate and revitalize the Oak
  • Remove left over bitter tannins and melt tartrates

wine barrel cleaning with steam vapour tool'

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