Outdoor Cleaning Services

Your yard says a lot about you! A beautifully maintained and welcoming yard not only does half the job for you in terms of welcoming your guests but it creates a certain level of expectation in their minds. It is our desire to make sure that your slabs, concrete surfaces, stairs, walls, patios, driveways, paths, alleys and garden are in tip top condition.

Pressure Cleaning

Manual cleaning of your yard can sometimes do the trick but this method is not only tiresome or time consuming but is inefficient. If you leave the maintenance of your yard to us, we guarantee to rid it off of all the fallen leaves, moulds, oil, mud, paint and unwanted shoots using our revolutionary high pressure cleaning equipment.

pressure cleaning

General gardening services

Call us today for basic garden services. We are ever ready to weed, mow your lawn and to trim your hedge, bush or shrubs. Whether it is large or small garden, we can certainly do our job in clean your garden to be presentable beautifully.

garden cleaning

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Green Cleaning Professionals are dedicated to provide personalised range of cleaning services, ranging from domestic to commercial sector.

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