How does the use of dry steam vapour work in the prevention of bedbugs in mattress and other upholstered surfaces?

It is common that the bedbugs cannot survive against the form of heat. That is where the steam vapour comes in when exposed in the high temperature pressure. The high temperature kills both bedbugs and eggs.

This does not mean that any cleaner available in the hardware or cleaning store will work. While the many of other cheaper cleaning machines in the informercial are affordable in the market, they simply do not deliver the sustained heat necessary to destroy bed bugs. The Green Cleaning Professionals' steam vapour cleaners are capable of delivering a minimum of 160-180 degrees for a sustained long period. In addition, to prevent water damage or discourage moulds, the steam produced by Green Cleaning Professionals have very low water content of 5% and the steam output is very dry.

green friendly mattress deep cleaning with steam vapour

Furthermore the high dry steam vapour with low water content will not damage the mattress and effectively thermally sanitise and disinfect the mattresses as the steam vapour can penetrate very deep into pores and crevices of the mattresses fabric.

The steam treatment should start with the mattress, then be applied to the seams, under labels and handles, and both inside and out of an ensemble base. It will be necessary to remove the material base of the ensemble which should be kept, and if required, re-stapled after the infestation has been eradicated.


In the end the mattress in whole parts are fully rehydrated after deep cleaning with steam cleaning, which results very quick dry allowing for the mattress to be used again within few minutes.



Cleaning pet stains from time to time is what mostly all pet owners end to do. Stains can be a pet’s urine, food spills, pet excretion and other kinds of dirt caused by pets that are sometimes difficult to clean especially those that have already penetrated to the surfaces like carpets and upholstery. These may cause unpleasant odors, molds and mildew or bacteria to grow if not cleaned properly.

Cleaning Solution for Pet Stains

Old and dried pet stains from carpet, upholstery and other surfaces can now be cleaned easily without the use of cleaning chemicals and too much scrubbing. A new way of cleaning suitable for removing pet stain is using vapor steam cleaner.

Cleaning Power of Vapor Steam Cleaner

At a temperature of 155°C under high steam pressure, Green Cleaning Professionals' steam cleaner produces 94% dry vapor steam. A cleaning power enough to deep clean and remove efficiently old and dried stubborn pet stains using its wide range of tools or attachments.

With the anti-bacterial properties of steam cleaners, vapor steam cleaning system will not only effectively clean pet stains, but clean and sanitize every household surface efficiently thereby making it a healthier environment for the family.

To book our service in removing stubborn pet stains, please complete our online quote form and we will respond to your enquiry. We use 100% pure dry steam vapour as disinfecting tool to eliminate odours, deconstruct bacterial moulds and mildew from upholstered or flooring surfaces where your pets sits in.

The old traditional cleaning system, water bucket and rough mops are becoming obsolete and outdated method of cleaning that's already past and behind in the rise of technology in environment friendly solution in steaming.

As our equipment is powered with steam vapour, the steam is able to penetrates deeper into pores and crevices of the surface that the harmful Due to steam being a vapour, it is able to get into crevices that chemicals and detergents can’t do.

Green Cleaning Professionals cleans more thoroughly than conventional cleaning. Not only does it clean deep out, but it also sanitises and disinfects any surfaces. The hot vapour and high temperature blast into surface pores and crevices without damaging it.

Many allergies and outbreak are caused or aggravated by our body's sensitivity to dust mites and stubborn moulds. Standard cleaning practices using chemicals and conventional methods are not sufficient to decontaminate these dangerous organisms, and many people are also reluctant to use chemical cleaners which are harmful and expensive to humans.

However, it is possible to destroy dangerous superbugs and bacteria in a harmless and economical way by using steam vapour cleaners. Below are few reasons why steam cleaners are must-have for all kinds of cleaning.


  • These cleaners have a heating unit built into them. The unit converts ordinary tap water into steam. The steam is then released through the emitter or hose.

  • The steam is able to penetrate deep into the pile of carpets, rugs and mats, and other fabrics. Harmful organisms are destroyed by the high-temperature steam, making steam vapour cleaners one of the most effective ways to eliminate health problems associated with the organisms. The hot steam also destroys mite eggs and mould spores.

  • Another benefit you get from using steam vapour cleaners is that the steam is mostly 90% dry. This leaves the cleaned surfaces fully dry after cleaning. Both dust mites and moulds thrive in humid conditions. Since many solution-based cleaning methods leave carpets and other fabrics damp for several hours after cleaning, they are actually creating a perfect environment for these organisms to reproduce.

Green Cleaning Professionals use 100% steam vapour powered cleaning equipment, which allows them to produce very best results and environment friendly cleaning outcome.

There are many reasons that the steam vapour is the preferred choice of cleaning method, as it is 94% dry which means minimal water residue.

Steam vapour penetrates cracks, crevices and reaches the areas that chemicals, scrubbing and water powered cleaner cannot reach.

The extremely high-temperature steam vapour also kills bacteria, mould, bed bugs, dust mites, and allergies.

Green Cleaning Professionals' "dry" steam vapour cleaning system is the most efficient, economical and safest way to clean, sanitise and maintain your floors, tile and grout and many other must clean surfaces and items. Steam Vapor melts away grease, grime, dirt build-up, mould and even many stains thought to never come out. Kill bacteria and viruses that many chemicals cannot. Steam Vapor cleaning leaves the item to be cleaned, thoroughly clean, sanitised and deodorised in one step, with very little left over residual water.



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