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Knowing that your carpet needs cleaning is one thing and picking the right company that can clean the carpet properly is another. More often, carpets are left soggy and prone to decay after ‘the so-called cleaning’. Greening Cleaning Professionals have the know-how to use the right equipment to suit the specific needs of each type of carpet.

Powered by a floor scrubber/washer/dryer, carpets and floors are cleaned faster, easier and left much dryer. Whether it be a difficult hard floor like profiled tiles or a short pile domestic carpet, this amazing machine can clean them all. With our carpet/floor cleaning equipment, we simply fill solution tanks with water and selecting the suitable floor setting, no brush for all is used on every carpet or floor but settings are adjusted to suit your carpet or floor. This not only results in green cleaning but hygienically clean carpets that eliminate potential harmful pollutants. This machine is suitable in many environments or industries including building entrances, corridors, hotel rooms, domestic, hospital wards, nursing homes, pubs and clubs, gymnasium and all manner of building structures. Call us today or enquire online if you want your carpet to stay clean longer.

In instances where carpets cannot be left too wet such as healthcare, aged care, hotels/motels, retail stores and medical centres etc, we use dry steamers. Use of dry steamers allows steam to penetrate deep into stains without over-dampening the carpet fibres. Aided by brushes, our steamers can scrub surfaces to remove heavy and greasy stains on hard floors or carpets and dries them in a single pass thus reducing cleaning times.


floor and carpet cleaning with 3-in-1 floor cleaner 

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