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Whether it’s regular cleaning, spring or end of lease cleaning, Greening Cleaning Professionals has all the solutions to your needs. Our team of dedicated professional cleaners has enough training and experience to deliver a service that not only meets but exceed your expectations. Our cleaning expertise also extends to carpet and upholstery, windows, gutter and pressure cleaning. On request, we offer other services such as oven, pantry, cupboard, microwave, wardrobe, fridge and laundry cleaning.

As we strive to ensure that our cleaning is sensitive to the environment, we primarily rely on microfibres (mitts, gloves or cloths) and steam cleaning; and not chemicals. We rely on steam to clean bathrooms, walls, kitchens, toilets, blinds, showers, basins, tile/grout, ovens, stove and kitchen grease amongst other applications. The technology that we use produces supersteam that dissolves grease, grime and mould build up, vapourising and killing bacteria on all types of surfaces and equipment, leaving them completely clean and sanitized.

Regular cleaning

This option is perfect for those that lead a busy lifestyle. Whilst you are busy with your engagements, you can leave us to take care of your home. Get in touch with us and we will come over to your place for an inspection to get a full understanding of your needs and how often you want your house cleaned. Our team of professional cleaners is ready, anytime, to clean your house as often as you require. This could be daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly.

regular cleaning

Spring cleaning

In need of emergency or once-off cleaning? Call us today and we will provide the service at a time convenient to you at affordable rates. Our professionals are ready for a given time or one-day cleaning blitz that will leave your house looking immaculate.

spring cleaning

End of Lease Cleaning

Our aim is to make sure that you receive your bond back! The key is not only to provide a comprehensive cleaning service but to know what real estate agents or landlords look for. As a result, a dedicated team of experienced cleaners handle end of lease cleaning responsibilities.

end of lease cleaning

Window & Glass Cleaning

We clean all manner of windows and glass products. Our team of highly trained professionals only aims at leaving your windows and glass products crystal clear. We guarantee you a cleaning that leaves no after-clean spots, soaps or chemicals on your windows or any of your glass products.

window and glass cleaning

Tile & grout Cleaning

It’s never easy to clean hard surfaces hence this should be left to professionals. With an assortment of tools, steam and experience, our cleaners can easily remove grime and any dirty off your floors leaving them shiny, germ and bacteria free.

tile and grout cleaning

Blind cleaning

We clean a whole range of blinds ranging from fabric, Holland, vertical, venetian all the way to slim-line.

blinds cleaning

Oven & BBQ Cleaning

Using super-heated dry and consistent steam, grease and grime is dissolved leaving oven and BBQ equipment not only clean but sanitised.

oven cleaning

Also, we have other cleaning services such as pantry, cupboard, microwave, wardrobe, fridge and laundry that we offer on request.

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Green Cleaning Professionals are dedicated to provide personalised range of cleaning services, ranging from domestic to commercial sector.

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